The Back 40

Who Would Fill Your Boots?

Episode Summary

On this episode of The Back 40 we are joined by Stephanie Berkeley, Manager of the Farm Safety Foundation based in the UK.  Stephanie grew up in Donegal, Ireland where most people within the community either farm or fish.  The Farm Safety Foundation was established to be a registered charity that aims to answer the question “who would fill your boots”?  The goal is to get farmers thinking about themselves as the greatest asset to their farm.  Who would step in should they experience an accident?  The Farm Safety Foundation uses real world examples, testimonials and virtual reality to show current and future farmers that these accidents can happen to anyone at anytime.   Stephanie joins us to discuss the impact their farm safety foundation is having on the farmers and students across the UK and their overall understanding of farm safety. 

Episode Notes

The Foundation works closely  to help raise awareness among young farmers and change their attitudes towards farming safely and reduce the toll of injuries and fatalities which bring heartbreak and misery to numerous families and rural communities every year.  To learn more visit their website here.